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Anonymous: Hey can you make a imagine where harry fcks a girl in the bathroom really kinky

I don’t think we do het smut, I havent been on in a year or so, i’ll gonna check

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Anonymous: Can you repost the larry sextape?

I did it 3 times but tumblr keeps deleting it for some reason :((

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Haven’t been here in sooo long ! I feel like I let you guys down

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Anonymous: I'm looking threw your blog what larry video I want to see

Tumblr keeps deleting it sorry xx

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Now kiss me you fool. (4 years later)

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i bet harry likes lazy morning sex

I bet Ginny does to ^^

who the fuck is ginny

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Anonymous: Hey ! I have a prompt :D Jawaad is Zayn's twin. Jawaad dates Liam, and Zayn is really sad about that because he's been in love with his twin for years. But he knows this is forbidden and he never tried anything.Once he hears Jawaad and Liam fuck through the door, and he gets really angry and kicks Liam out, crying. Jawaad doesn't understand and asks his brother what's wrong, but Zayn is still really sad and mad... (wait for the next part ^^)

Part 2: He doesn’t want to talk to Jawaad for a while, but finally, Jawaad comes to his room one night, lying next to his twin, and takes him in his arms to try to fix everything. They cuddle, and after a while, Zayn starts to harden in his pants. Jawaad feels it again his ass and well, things happen, they both loose control. It would be fantastic if you wrote it ! With a bit of dirty!talk and rimming, frottage, etc. (sorry for any mistake, I’m french) xx

Holy crap i’m french too!!

And your prompt is really good! I’m on a huge writer’s block right now, but you might just give me enough motivation to start typing again.

Sarah xx

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larrystatas: gurl u cool

Ta gurl you’re cool too

Sorry guys i’m on like once every three months, but im reaaally busy right now, i just don’t know what to do lmao but i’m not giving up on the blog

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Just some 1D smut blog
Welcome to our blog , you request we write and oblige. All pairings are welcomed, kinks and fantasies.

Zoey & Sarah

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